Get Your Fleet Vehicles Ready to Roll

Imagine getting a service call from one of your customers, only for your vehicle to have engine trouble and not even start up.

Not only are you unable to help your customer, now you’re actually losing money getting your vehicle towed and repaired.

Auto Express is your one-stop auto repair shop for your fleet vehicles. We’ll make sure your repairs are done right every time, at a price that’s built for local business owners.

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Maintain Your Fleet Vehicles

If your business relies on fleet vehicles, you need them in top shape.

The best way to avoid critical mechanic issues is with routine maintenance. At Auto Express, we offer comprehensive vehicle inspections and maintenance for your entire fleet.

Whether one of your vehicles is showing a dashboard indicator or you just want to make sure it’s at peak reliability, we have you covered.

Visit our shop or call us to ask about maintenance services for your fleet vehicles.

Priority Auto Repairs For Your Fleet Vehicles

A breakdown can derail your entire day. You need your fleet vehicles running so you can do your job, but you can’t help anyone when you’re stranded on the side of the road.

We know how important it is to have your fleet vehicles running smoothly. That’s why Auto Express offers priority auto repairs for our fleet customers, so you can get back to business as usual quickly.

No matter how many vehicles you run, our certified mechanics will ensure they’re ready for when your clients need you. Auto Express is your home for quick repairs on all of your fleet vehicles.

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