Brake Trouble Can’t Wait Until Later

Your brakes are the single most important safety system on your car.

If your brakes are compromised, it’s not just your vehicle that’s at risk — it’s your family’s safety, and the safety of other drivers.

At Auto Express, we check every inch of your braking system. We use only the highest quality parts for brake maintenance and repairs, so your vehicle can stop smoothly and safely every time.

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Brake Repair Services

Brake Pads

Pads are the life of your brake system. Worn pads mean your car can’t stop when you need it to.

Brake Rotors

Rotors work together with your brake pads. Both need to be in good shape to slow your car down.

Brake Fluid

Clean brake fluid is a key part of your brakes applying smoothly when you press them.

ABS System

Your ABS System prevents your wheels from locking up when you brake suddenly.

Superior Brake Repair in Tyler, TX

If you experience any of the following when pressing your brakes, it’s time to get them inspected:

  • Brakes squeak, squeal, and grind
  • Brakes don’t apply consistently
  • Brake pedal needs to pressed extra far to engage brakes
  • Brake pedal pulses when pressed
  • Stopping distance has increased

Come to Auto Express for brake repair in Tyler, TX, and secure your vehicle’s safety.

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Why Choose Auto Express?

Auto Express wears our ASE Blue Seal Certification with pride.

We’re one of only two shops within 50 miles of Tyler, TX to be ASE Certified, and our mechanics study and test extensively to pass these certifications.

To us, this certification is one of the best ways we can show our dedication to our customers.

We want you to feel confident that every time you visit Auto Express, you’ll be treated fairly and with high quality auto repair services.

You’ll get the advice and repairs you need at a fair price. We’ll never recommend a repair that isn’t in the best interest of your vehicle and your safety on the road.

At Auto Express, your satisfaction is our top priority. Book online to schedule your appointment today.

Put A Stop To Your Braking Issues

For your brake system to truly keep you safe on the road, all of its parts need to work together.

But if one part isn’t working properly, then your whole system could be at risk.

If you notice any abnormal shaking or sounds from your vehicle when you press the brake pedal, don’t wait to get them inspected.

Our friendly technicians will quickly evaluate your brake system and make sure you can be out on the roads safely.

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