Your Vehicle Is Sending A Message

How long has your “Check Engine” light been on?

It’s easy to ignore, especially when nothing really seems to be wrong. But indicator lights in your vehicle are the easiest way to catch problems early, or even avoid them entirely.

At Auto Express, we can quickly check your vehicle’s on-board computer to understand any trouble indicators.

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Common Dashboard Indicators

Warning lights mean you need maintenance. Auto Express can run full diagnostics to identify issues & get you back out on the road quickly.

Check Engine

Can indicate a number of problems. If you see this light, it’s best to get your vehicle checked immediately.

Coolant Temperature

Your engine isn’t cooling properly. Driving an overheated engine can cause serious damage.

Transmission Temperature

Can indicate you’re towing a load that’s too heavy for your vehicle. Transmission fluid may also be low.


Your battery isn’t charging properly. Even if your car starts, the problem likely isn’t gone.

Oil Pressure

Low oil pressure can indicate a leak. You may be risking severe engine damage.


Even if your brakes feel fine, seeing this light means it’s vital to get them inspected.

Car Computer Checks in Tyler, TX

Most people get nervous when they see a warning light come up on their dashboard.

You’re worried that something could really be wrong. But then you worry that it will be something serious and expensive to repair, so you keep driving, just hoping that it doesn’t get worse.

Auto Express prices our auto repair services affordably, so you’ll get the help you need without breaking the bank.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee that we will never pressure you into unnecessary work.

Our certified mechanics are trained to identify automotive problems quickly, then advise you on the best solution.

Contact Auto Express today and put your vehicle problems in the rearview mirror.

Don’t Let Warning Lights Stall You Out

We’ll give you a full explanation of the diagnostic results so that you understand any maintenance or repairs your car needs.

Don’t drive around just hoping that indicator doesn’t mean anything serious. Schedule an appointment at Auto Express and get peace of mind with an expert evaluation.

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