Stay Cool With Quick Car AC Repair

Whether you realize it or not, your car’s AC system is running almost constantly, even when the heater is on.

That constant use means that your AC is at high risk for failure, especially while it’s working overtime in the Texas heat. Even one component going out can compromise the system.

If you notice your air conditioning struggling to keep you cooled off, Auto Express can inspect your whole cooling system and make any necessary repairs.

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Auto AC Repair in Tyler, TX

Refrigerant Check

Is your AC not cooling down? Your Freon may need charging or replacing

Fan Repair

Cold air doesn’t help you if it’s not circulating. Get your fans checked today.

Electrical Issues

AC systems have many electrical switches. Trouble with one can affect the whole system.

Water Leaks

If your air smells damp or you find water in the cabin, then your AC isn’t draining properly.

Get Your AC System Inspected Annually

Your car’s AC system is complex. It relies on mechanical parts, electrical components, and fluids to keep your air cooling properly.

The best thing you can do for your AC system is to have it inspected at least once a year. Our certified technicians will evaluate your system and help you avoid potential problems with your AC.

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Affordable AC Repair Service

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Why Choose Auto Express?

Auto Express is proud to be an ASE Blue Seal Certified auto repair shop.

Less than 2,000 shops in the US are ASE Certified. The certification process requires extensive testing as well as practical exams, which means that our technicians are some of the best around.

For over 20 years, our mission has been to pair quality auto repair services with integrity. When you visit Auto Express, you can drive with the confidence that our work is guaranteed.

That’s just one of many ways we show our commitment to our customers and their vehicles. We know that automotive repairs can be stressful, so we’re dedicated to transparency in all the work we do.

We believe that East Texans deserve top notch, honest service. No matter how big or small your automotive needs are, Auto Express guarantees your satisfaction.

Schedule an appointment today and see what Auto Express can do for you.

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Air Conditioning Trouble? Don’t Sweat It

It’s tough to keep your cool when your air conditioning isn’t working properly. Call or schedule an appointment online today for quick auto AC repair in Tyler, TX.

We’ll have you driving in comfort again in no time.